Macromedia - Saving Time By Using The History Panel (Dreamweaver 4/MX)

As a designer, it's important to use your time as efficiently as possible. After all, you have many more fun things to do than push around pixels all day. One of the best ways to save time is to reduce the amount of time you spend doing repetitive tasks. If you're using Dreamweaver, you'll find that there's no better way to speed up these tasks than to use the History panel and its ability to save actions.

To display the history panel in Dreamweaver MX

  • Choose Window > Others > History. (In version 4, you display it by simply choosing Window > History.)
  • Once the panel is open, you'll notice all of your steps being recorded.
  • To repeat a series of steps, click on the step you wish to begin with and then [shift]-click on the last step.
  • Next, click the Replay button.
  • To play non-sequential steps, select the first step and then [command]-click ([Ctrl]-click in Windows) all the steps you wish to include.
  • Then, click the Replay button.

If you want to save the series of steps for later use

  • Select the steps
  • Click the Save Steps As A Command button, and name the group.
  • Once you click the OK button in the Save As Command dialog box, the steps will appear in the Commands menu.
  • Unfortunately, there are some actions, such as dragging and clicking, that you can't record.

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