Microsoft Word - Create A Style By Example (Word 97/2000/2002/v. X/2003)

It's often difficult to create new styles using the New Style dialog box because you have to imagine what the style will look like when you apply it to text in your document. Instead, you can use the Style By Example feature.

  • First, ensure that your document is displaying the Formatting toolbar. (If the Formatting toolbar isn't displayed
  • Select View | Toolbars | Formatting.)
  • Select a portion of text and apply all of the formatting for your new style. With the text still selected
  • Press [Ctrl][Shift]S ([command][shift]S in v. X) to highlight the style name in the Style drop down menu on the Formatting toolbar
  • Replace the highlighted text with the new style's name
  • Press [Enter] to create the style

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