Computer Support - Manipulate AutoComplete Options In Internet Explorer (All Systems)

AutoComplete is an Internet Explorer feature that suggests information you might be intending to enter into a web page form based on the first few letters you type into the text box. Ideally, this feature speeds up the entry of user names, passwords, and other common data. Unfortunately, it can also pose a security risk if you share your computer with other users. To control AutoComplete in Internet Explorer

  • Click on Tools | Internet Options | Content | AutoComplete
  • There you can choose if you want AutoComplete to work on web addresses, forms, and/or user names and passwords on forms
  • You can also clear all AutoComplete entries for forms and for passwords on this screen

Sometimes you want to keep most of your AutoComplete entries, but may have a few obsolete entries or misspellings that clutter up the screen.

  • To delete just one entry, highlight the entry when it appears below the text box
  • Press the [DELETE] key. AutoComplete does not work in every situation

AutoComplete is not an option in a text box control where the HTML designer sets the AUTOCOMPLETE attribute to OFF.

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