Corel WordPerfect - Use Alignment Guides To Arrange Slide Elements (Presentations, 9/10/11/12)

Placing objects in the same relative position across several slides doesn't have to involve a lot of guesswork. To more precisely align your slide elements, set up guidelines called alignment guides. These lines are moveable horizontal and vertical lines that appear on the screen, but not when you print or run the slide show. To display the alignment guides:

  • First display the ruler by choosing View | Ruler from the menu bar
  • Drag a guideline from the appropriate ruler
  • For example, to set a vertical alignment guide, point to the vertical ruler and then drag to the right
  • Drag the red guideline to where you need it
  • You can use the horizontal ruler as a reference point
  • To remove a single guideline, drag it off the slide
  • To clear all the alignment guides, either right-click on a ruler and choose Clear Guides or choose View | Grid/Guides/Snap | Clear Guides from the menu bar

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