Microsoft FrontPage - Give Your FrontPage Web A Quick Checkup (98/2000/2002)

The Recalculate hyperlinks command is perhaps the most misnamed command in all of FrontPage. While it does recalculate your internal hyperlinks, it also does much more.

When you choose Recalculate hyperlinks from the Tools menu, the command repairs your internal hyperlinks, updates component information (e.g., making sure the right content appears in shared borders and include pages), and synchronizes such data as category assignments. The command also rebuilds the text index used by FrontPage's Search Form component.

One thing the command doesn't do is check external hyperlinks. To fix those, you'll need to refer to the Broken hyperlinks report in FrontPage 2000 or 2002 or the Hyperlinks Status view in FrontPage 98. There you can verify and/or repair each external link.

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