Novell NetWare - Tips And Tricks For Using Novell eDirectory Utilities - DSRepair


Purpose 4 DSRepair is a tool that provides low-level integrity checking and maintenance capabilities to address a wide range of problems that may arise in e. Directory 4 These problems may be originated by • Users • Third-party products • DIB (Data Information Base) inconsistencies • Hardware failure

General Tips and Tricks • Save yourself grief—use DSRepair appropriately 4 Remember that most DSRepair options are used to fix problems with the e. Directory DIB, not to perform routine management or maintenance operations • It's not uncommon for Novell support to have to clean up problems made far worse by misuse of DSRepair 4 Good Rule: Don't use an advanced (-a or –x switch) DSRepair option unless you • Understand what it does Know the ramifications of using it Are sure you're doing it at the right time Are sure you're doing it for the right reason

General Tips and Tricks (cont. ) • DSRepair has options that are similar to those found in regular management utilities but should be used only as a last resort 4 Some of these options are destructive (by necessity) • Example-removal of a replica from a server should be done via Console. One or i. Manager - DSRepair allows you to forcibly remove a replica, but this is not the same thing

General Tips and Tricks (cont. ) • Many DSRepair features are integrated into i. Monitor 4 Paradigm: fix the problem when you see it • Repair while database is live 4 e. Directory 8 and later

General Tips and Tricks (cont. ) • Partition operations are not allowed while repairing • Disabling index and structure check will cause the rebuilding of the entire database with database locked • Deselect all options to do ONLY schema check 4 DSRepair can use temp files with this option

General Tips and Tricks (cont. ) • Repairing network address only works if SAP or SLP are properly configured • Single object repair may be used on a known entry that is causing a problem 4 Tip: this is really easy to do via i. Monitor • Launch dsrepair -af to allow copying of stream files if temporary files is selected

General Tips and Tricks (cont. ) • DSRepair only allows the creation of a DIB archive 4 You can't reload or restore it 4 This is for troubleshooting use by Novell support and engineering personnel

Net. Ware Tips and Tricks • DSRepair checks volume objects for Novell Storage Solutions (NSS) and native Net. Ware but only checks trustees on native Net. Ware volumes

Windows Tips and Tricks • Single object repair can only be run from the command line or i. Monitor 4 command line: -so <8 -digit entry_id> 4 e. Directory 8. 5 and lat

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