Web Development - Don't Get Taken In By The Domain Name Myths

Coming up with a good domain name for your Web site doesn't have to be a chore--as long as you stay clear of some common misconceptions. For instance, people often assume that having a domain name similar to another site is a bad thing. This is generally true for large corporations and portals servicing business clients. But it isn't necessarily true for a small consumer-oriented business. In fact, many eCommerce sites get a lot of business by having a domain that's similar to an existing one. Web surfers get confused, type in the wrong address, and end up on your site--which hopefully is so wonderful that it wins them over before they recognize their mistake.

Another common misconception is that your domain name needs to be a common word. While owning an obvious name choice can give you some hits and lend certain credibility in the eyes of Web users, memo ability is probably the most important criterion if you're trying to build a brand. So, your name doesn't really need to mean anything relevant, as long as it has the right emotional appeal. Just think of Google, Yahoo!, and Amazon. And don't forget that you can always buy up some related domain names and redirect them to your site.

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