Adobe InDesign - Work The Way You Want To In InDesign (CS)

You may have noticed that InDesign CS is a little palette-crazy. Even if you have the ability to use two monitors (one for viewing pages and one for viewing palettes), you'll find it easier to work in InDesign if you take a moment to create your own personal workspace. To do so:

  • Display and arrange the palettes you use the way you like
  • You can drag and drop panes from one palette to another, attach palettes together, have them display as single or double columns or single rows (a General Options preferences setting), and so on
  • Once your palettes are set up just the way you like them
  • Choose Window > Workspace > Save Workspace
  • Enter a name for your workspace in the resulting dialog box, and then click OK

You can create however many workspaces you may need.

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